The hotel goes way back to the mid 1850’s, originally a weatherboard building which burnt down after two years. However it was replaced by the majestic two storey Victorian hotel that stands today. 

If you’re a lover of art, history, antiques and collectables AND have a taste for delicious food, good wine and fine coffee, then why not discover Smythesdale? You never know what you may find!

Smythesdale, is a little hamlet located 19km west of Ballarat and was established during the gold rush period.  It is now renowned (by those in the know) for its collectable stores!

History lovers can enjoy meandering along the Smythesdale Town Walk and marvel at the historic buildings dating back to the 1800s, when the population reached nearly 20,000.

Today the town is a little quieter with a population of around 900, yet the rich history will take you back to yesteryear as you meet our beautiful old buildings such as the Post & Telegraph Office, the Bluestone lock up and of course the fabulous Court House Hotel.

Smythesdale is the birthplace of Arthur Alfred Lynch, a polymath who was trained in engineering and medicine, wrote poetry, was a Member of the British Parliament and fought against the British in the Second Boer War. It was also home to women's rights activist, Lillias Margaret Skene.

Conrad Ten Brink
Smythesdale Fire Brigade
Brooke Street Smythesdale 1869
Dave Aisbett and his Coach on newtown railway station 1934. the coach is now in the melbourn museum
G.D. Knights store at Newtown South of Scarsdale
1903 James Orr, licensee of in on the south-west corner of smythesdale haddon road
Nimon's Bridge, Galatea Rd
Smythesdale post office
Masonic Hall Smythesdale

Wednesday to Sunday 11am - late
Lunch Service Wednesday to Sunday - 11:30 to 2:30
Dinner Service - Wednesday to Friday - 5:30 - 8:00
Saturday to Sunday 5:30 - 8:30